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Leaders who enroll 10 or more paid members on launch day for $1 and help them enroll just 2 each will be given special recognition, special perks and bonuses as the program progresses and explodes worldwide. Prizes and bonuses will be awarded to to those who continue to help the more people and build bigger and bigger. Remember that 10 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an automatic (10 x $25 = $250 ) monthly in addition to all your 10 level matrix income!

Once you have made it to Phase 4 and helped 10 personally referred members make it to phase 4 in your team for a minimum of 3 months, you will qualify for a FREE Vacation for 7 nights and 8 days in a 5 star resort provided by valued at $1,899! These are "World-Class" top notch resorts!

Those who refer 100 or more will join the 100 CLUB, be recognized as "SUPER AFFILIATES" and share in a percentage of Overall Corporate Profits! Remember that 100 referrals who make it to Phase 4 is an additional (100 x $25 = $2,500) monthly in addition to your 10 level matrix income! There is no cap to how many you can refer and each set of 100 paid active signups will earn you another share of profit sharing.


  (Up to $4,000 VALUE!)

When you refer 100 that remain active and a total of 50 of your personally referred members make it to phase 4 for a minimum period of 3 months, you will receive an all expense paid vacation including airfare for two plus $1,000 spending money for food and drinks. That's a 5-Star Luxury Dream Vacation worth $1,899 plus $1,000 spending cash plus Airfare for two from the Continental US.


Privileges: This reward provides two adults, 21 years or older, with 7 nights of luxury accommodations in a studio unit from one of the following locations:

Mexico Luxury: Riviera Maya, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos, or Acapulco or choose from United States Deluxe Resorts in Las Vegas or Orlando.  

 And much more. Of course more Information

can be found on the company site


 Some Q&As Some of my Members have asked or are asking me:

 1. Q: Is this a Team Build where you are giving everyone 2 Referrals?

     A: No, this is not a team Build, but this team is growing faster than any Team Build ever as we are in the Largest Team with Great leaders that are recruiting hundred together daily. What you will be getting from the unlimited advertising I will be giving to your link is more lucrative and beneficial long term than if I simply gave you 2 direct referral. By promoting your link for you, you may end up with hundreds of referrals.

2. Q: Do I have to promote my link?

    A: Sure, always. You have to be promoting at all times. You are expected to get at least 2 direct referral to qualify, which is really easy, but to be a leader to benefit from all those Rewards and Bonuses, you need to be promoting your link ongoing to keep bring in people for $1. The advertising I will be providing to your link is mere exposure with no guarantee you will get sign up. I am confident you will get lots of sign ups through my advertising portal, but I can not guarantee that will really happen.

3. Q: Why are you promoting such a cheap program?

     A: Cheap program does not mean low quality. It is about what works, easy to duplicate and sustainable. If you can not count pennies, you will never get to millions. It is just $1, but the sky is not even a limit. Everyone has at least $1. And by promoting such a cheap program, my purpose is being able to help you and many other succeed (make money) at last

4. Q: Are you promoting a link for everyone you sponsor, and why?

     A: Remember, good leaders do not only tell others why to do, but set good examples. By promoting and getting referrals for my referrals, I am compounding the number of people in my downline and could fill up my matrix certainly and sooner. In a 2x10 Forced Matrix structure, all the people coming in will be helping to fill up your matrix as well. Helping you succeed, makes me succeed even more. And remember I told you above that I want to achieve every level of the leadership mile stones? Hope you can and will emulate my Example at some point 


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