The SEVEN (7) different levels of household income!

And 'How To' Change Your Financial Future!

There has ALWAYS been a misconception about what "RICH" is.
The information below will help you to get a more realistic perspective.

As you read through the different levels, be sure to identify where
YOU are at now, and strive to enter the next level UP!

Level 1 - Poverty: (Under $25,000 per year):
- You are flat broke, and probably get a large amount of aid through
the government (reduced school lunches, Earned Income Credit,
Housing Assistance, etc.). You may or may not have a job...If you do,
it's probably in some type of "service" industry (which usually pays
very low wages).

Level 2: - Working Class: ($25,000 to $50,000 per year):
- You struggle. Period. You have a job, but you have a hard time
making ends meet.

Level 3: - Middle: ($50,000 to $100,000/year):
- You are reasonably comfortable, but will still need to budget and spend
wisely. This household income level can also struggle depending on how
many children are in the house.

Level 4: Upper Middle: ($100,000 to $150,000/year):
- You are officially comfortable. You are in the top 12% of households in
the USA. You probably live in a decent home, have a couple of decent
cars, and may even take one or two decent vacations per year. Nothing
extravagant here, but nice and comfortable.

Level 5: Well Off: ($150,000 to 200,000/year):
- You are in the top 4.2% of ALL households in the USA. You want for
nothing. You have the financial resources to acquire ALL of the comforts
in life: Nice home, nice cars, etc. You can now take two or three nice
vacations every year. You are doing VERY well...Let's hope you are
saving a big chunk of that income, too!

Level 6: Rich: ($200,000 to $500,000/year):
- You are officially RICH now. Congratulations. It would take severe
mismanagement of your money to not have a life free of financial worry.

Level 7: WEALTHY: (Above $500,000/year):
- ONLY 1/10 of 1% of Americans make this amount of money per year.
Even after a 40% tax rate, this would still leave you $25,000 per MONTH
to live on. You're WEALTHY! You can enjoy life like very few can.

Which level/class do YOU fall in? There is an 88% chance that YOU fall in
level's 1, 2, or 3. This is purely statistical probability, as that's where 88%
of ALL Americans fall.

Good News: You can move up to the NEXT Income Level from where ever you are starting from today.

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